About Us

Pondside Press is a collaborative workshop for artists desiring to produce hand printed lithographs, monotypes and works of art on paper. Tamarind Master Printer Melissa Katzman Braggins and Printer, Ted Braggins operate the studio and gallery in the Hudson River valley region of New York. Founded in 1985, the printers have produced original graphic art for over 30 years. The gallery exhibits pieces produced by the workshop.





Original graphic art is available for purchase by individual collectors or to private dealers. The gallery and archival prints represent a range of subjects, and artistic styles. Please inquire for current pricing and availability.





Pondside Press is located in Rhinebeck, NY on small country road. The facility is quiet and ideally suited for concentrated work.


The workshop uses a Takach-Garfield press to hand print images from stone and metal plate for lithography and monotypes. The workshop also uses an antique Karl Krause press dating from the early 20th century. The studio is well lighted with north facing windows overlooking a pond.

Artists enjoy working at Pondside where they are able to be free from daily distractions and have the full attention of collaborating with a master printer.






Artists are encouraged to explore a variety of techniques and approaches to monotype. Collaboration and printing, inks, curatorial services and documentation are included in the project. The cost for each monotype session $800. per day (9 AM - 5 PM) for sizes up to 30” x 40”. Paper charges are billed at cost. A one-third payment is required for scheduling. The workshop receives one Record Impression per each session.

The monotype medium is an excellent way for artists to build work in a series by developing an image through the use of ghost impressions and multiple drops. The exploration of new thought and ideas are well suited to this dynamic medium. While working in collaboration with a master printer an artist is able to use the medium to its fullest potential. Monotypes are an ideal way for artists to generate works of art on paper.





The workshop uses limestone and aluminum plate lithography to hand print limited editions. The printing elements are drawn directly by the artist on the printing surface, processed and proofed with their participation. Only prints which achieve the highest standards are included in the edition. The prints are signed and numbered by the artist and embossed with the shop chop marks. Complete documentation and curatorial services are provided.

The cost of a lithographic printing project varies according to the size of the image, the number of colors and the degree of complexity. A project includes a base price for proofing plus edition costs. Print sizes may range up to 30” x 40”.  The collaborating printer receives the bon a tirer impression, and the workshop receives two Pondside impressions.

Artists and publishers are invited to call or write for specific details. 



Works on Paper

Works on paper.jpeg

The workshop also collaborates with artists in the production of works of art on paper. These may include projects involving different media as well as graphic arts processes. The resulting work is often freshly unique, richly layered and complex in texture. These original works on paper may include collage elements, and hand coloring combined with passages of monotype. The cost varies from project to project and is dependent on many factors. Please feel free to contact us about project ideas.